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POV/AmDoc Launches Fund for Documentary Filmmakers Amid Coronavirus Pandemic


The nonprofit organization supporting the PBS documentary series POV — announced that it is launching a fund designed to support the independent documentary community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fund will initially start with $100,000 and will provide rapid response grants of up to $500 to assist those in need with food, immediate health needs, and insurance premiums.

“Last year when we ran the pilot the need for a fund of this kind was already substantial. During this pandemic, the need is critical,” Justine Nagan, executive producer and executive director of POV/AmDoc  said. “We are just beginning to see how COVID-19 is affecting filmmakers, especially those from marginalized communities. Canceled premieres, halted production and broader systemic issues are profoundly affecting filmmakers from health care to housing security. This adapted COVID AEF is designed for quick turnaround grants to support filmmakers and their families’ physical health.”

In the face of our global health pandemic and related self-isolating protocols, we have decided to relaunch the Artist Emergency Fund with a revised framework and set of guidelines designed to quickly turn around support to as many filmmakers as possible. We invite documentary directors or documentary producers to submit an application for 1 specific “healthy living” need: (1) food; (2) immediate health needs; or (3) health insurance.

– To be eligible for this program, an artist must demonstrate need and a professional relationship to documentary filmmaking. For the purposes of this application, “professional” is defined as one or more of the following roles:
1) Director
2) Producer

– Having successfully worked on at least one, completed nonfiction film or media project that was publicly exhibited in a curated and/or noncommercial environment, including online and/or physical programs. (Please note that for an online project to be considered it must have been acquired by a streaming distributor)
– Artists must reside in any U.S. State, Territory, or Indian Nation and/or be able to receive and cash a check, or receive funds electronically.
– Currently, enrolled students are not eligible to apply for funding.

Applications are now open and will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the fund is expired.

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