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CPB – Digital Culture Accelerator Playbook

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CPB – Digital Culture Accelerator Playbook

The Playbook provides step-by-step guides to help raise your organization’s digital game. From mediocre to good. From good to great. And from a cost center to a profit center.

  • Note: Newly updated to include: Tips for Leaders to help them successfully manage remote teams, including top issues General Managers are grappling with during this crisis. Leading Remote Teams

Specifically, the DCA playbook will provide guideposts for organizations to:

  • Break down digital silos, infusing digital thinking throughout your entire organization;
  • Articulate a digital vision that will inspire your organization;
  • Set, share and reach measurable goals;
  • Jumpstart your success with digital products, platforms, and technologies;
  • Accelerate audience and revenue growth; and
  • Create a true culture of innovation.Available at:  dca.qcatalyst.com

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