About Us

Here’s the idea…

Launch a headless organization, that is:

  • A destination for the good of Public Media and for what lies ahead
  • Owned and operated by Public Media contributors (who think big while centered on the mission)
  • Open to anyone within or serving Public Media to access to add /edit/remove content
  • Not dependent on a revenue stream (e.g. there will never be a paywall)
  • Managed by the contributors (sets its own editorial/posting guidelines)
  • {insert other positives}

If you are interested in participating and receiving logins to start contributing, please drop a note below.   And, if the question comes up, “who is running Public Media Now?”, the answer is either “we are” or “everyone is”.  At least that is the hope if anyone jumps on board.

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Noe: This concept was inspired by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcoholics_Anonymous

Public Media History

The Public Broadcasting Act of 1967  set up public broadcasting in the United States, establishing the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) and, eventually, the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), and National Public Radio (NPR).

The act charged CPB with encouraging and facilitating program diversity and expanding and developing non-commercial broadcasting. The funds from CPB would be used to help local stations create innovative programs, thereby increasing the service of broadcasting in the public interest throughout the country