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Our directory includes organizations actively providing services to Public Media. Every organization on this list was referred to us by someone within Public Media. Please add to the list by completing the form below.

General Consulting

Eagle Hill Consulting

Eagle Hill Consulting
Website: Eagle Hill Consulting
Location: Arlington, VA

Services: Strategy, Change Management, Process Improvement, Organizational Design.

Atlantic 57

Atlantic 57
Website: Atlantic 57
Location: Washington, DC

Services: Strategy Consulting

Jacobs Media

Jacobs Media
Website: Jacobs Media
Location: Bingham Farms, MI

Services: General services for broadcasters.

NETA Consulting

NETA Consulting
Website: NETA-Consulting

NETA supports public media stations in connecting to their educational mission, professional development, program content, and through the NETA Business Center. NETA Consulting was established to provide executive recruiting and consulting services for public media licensees and related organizations.

Fundraising / Membership Development & Other Services


Website: CDP
Location: Boston, MA

Services: Acquisition Mail, Canvassing, Database Enhancements, Digital Prospecting, Member Benefits and more.

Allegiance Software

Allegiance Software
Website: Allegiance Software
Location: Fargo, ND

Services: Deliver end-to-end fundraising solutions to help nonprofits acquire, nurture, and retain more donors.

Lester USA

Website: Lester
Location: East Haven, CT

Services: B2B Marketing, Fundraising, IT support services

Carl Blooms

Carl Blooms
Website: Carl Blooms
Location: White Plains, NY

Services: Helping organizations build their base of donars and consumers.


LKA Fundraising & Communications
Website: LKA
Location: Porland, OR

Services: Custom solutions to build fundraising and communications

BGL Consulting LLC

BGL Consulting LLC
Betsy Gerdeman (former SVP of PBS Development Services)

Development Assessment and Strategies, Strategic Planning, Board Engagement and Development

Product / Software Development

3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global
Website: 3Pillar Global
Location: Fairfax, VA
Services: Software Development.

Public Media Apps

Public Media Apps
Website: Public Media Apps

Services: Build station branded mobile apps for public media

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