Maja Mrkoci, CPB’s Chief Content and Innovation Officer is Stepping Down 


Maja Mrkoci, CPB’s Chief Content and Innovation Officer is Stepping Down

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) announced that Chief Content Officer Maja Mrkoci is resigning on October 2.

Her personal remarks and advice for Public Media:   “During my years of working in public media and in light of the pandemic, two things have really stood out to me — the resilience of the public media system and the fierce dedication of its people,” said Mrkoci. “The relationships we build with each other and with our audience will continue to be key to its future. I have no doubt that the system will emerge from this moment with new insight and stronger than ever.”

Mrkoci joined CPB in 2015 as the Vice President for Content and Digital Media. Subsequently, as Vice President for Digital Innovation, her role expanded to include a new portfolio of digital initiatives. In 2017, she was promoted to Senior Vice President, Television Programming and Innovation and then to Chief Content and Innovation Officer in 2018.  Under her leadership, CPB launched numerous partnerships and initiatives to accelerate digital transformation across public media including leading the Digital Infrastructure Group effort for CPB in collaboration with PBS, NPR, KQED and WGBH, helping to break ground on cross-system collaboration.

“We deeply appreciate the important innovation and content initiatives that Maja has helped implement during her five years at CPB. Her drive and ingenuity truly made a difference in public media,” said Pat Harrison, CPB president and CEO.

What’s next for Maja Mrkoci?  For now, it sounds like she will be focusing on her family while figuring out her plan for the next phase in her career.

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