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Happy 10th Anniversary to PRX Remix!


PRX Remix just celebrated their 10 Years of serving Podcasts on Public Radio.

Excerpt from their announcement:

It’s 2020, and we’re on the air from Alaska to Antarctica

PRX Remix is on nearly 40 public radio stations. We went on the air at McMurdo Station in Antarctica earlier this year, which we’re feeling very cool about.

Bad freezing-weather puns aside, we truly value our station partners and geographic reach. We are proud to be both in big cities and small markets that serve rural and remote populations. To us, “small” isn’t small — it means we are serving the whole country and making public media more public.

We have broadcast work by over 1,000 audio creators

We have aired everything from big-name podcasts like “99% Invisible” to pieces by those currently serving in the military, personal essays, and weird sounds.

We air work by students who just produced their first audio pieces, and we play them alongside established shows.

Thank you to all 1,080 of you.

Here’s a call out from PRX to some of the key people that were part of that journey.

  • Jake Shapiro, John Barth, Andrew Kuklewicz, and Kerri Hoffman at PRX for giving PRX Remix life
  • Roman Mars, the first producer of PRX Remix
  • George Capalbo, developer of the Backbone software that we use to create the hours of content
  • Past PRX Remix Curators: Ray Pang, Erika Lantz, Emily Corwin, Josh Swartz, Carl Scott, Rene Dongo

Congratulations PRX!  You have accomplished so much in the last 10 years.

You can listen to PRX Remixonline on TuneIn,, on your smart speaker via TuneIn, anytime on Sirius XM 123, or on a public radio station near you.

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