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Five New PBS Board Members Elected


The PBS Board of Directors held their first meeting of the fiscal year 2020 September 25, 2019. Five new PBS board members were elected to serve for the year. They are media attorney Catherine Robb and independent consultant Geoff Sands who join as general directors, as well as Rob Dunlop, President & CEO of Cascade Public Media, Susi Elkins, Director of Broadcasting and General Manager for WKAR Public Media, and Courtney Pledger (learn more), Executive Director and CEO of Arkansas Educational Television Network, who join as professional directors. These five new members join 21 returning members and PBS president, Paula Kerger, to make up the 27 person governance and policy-setting body for PBS.

In a PBS press release, Paula Kerger stated, “As PBS navigates a complex media environment, it is critical that we have the guidance and counsel of leaders from across the nation who have expertise in a broad range of fields. We are fortunate to have such an experienced and talented group of board members who are committed to advancing the essential mission of public television.” These new PBS board members represent a number of different regions across the country and will all bring their unique perspectives and station experiences to this central body.

It will be exciting to see the new directions PBS goes in this coming year.